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After a slightly gentler week with various groups being out at different times, tomorrow we welcome back Year 7 who have clearly had an amazing time in Switzerland; no doubt we will get to see some evidence of their exploits in next week’s Newsletter. Year 8 had a terrific time in Devon recently as well as starting their post-exam programme which includes careers advice, First Aid training and an awareness of the Magistrates’ courts.

Just today, our Year 8 Common Entrance candidates have had their results. We are very, very proud of this cohort who have not only all passed to a range of schools but have put together a genuinely impressive set of grades.The academic journey that they commenced, as long ago as 10 years in some cases, has borne fabulous fruit as they have collaborated with their teachers over a period of time to maximise their potential. Sure foundations followed by increasingly aspirational targets and intellectual challenges have led them to this high level of performance and they now move ahead to take on future exams such as GCSEs with great confidence and a valuable experience under their belt.

Summer exam results mean that time is passing and we must be moving to the final weeks of the year. Can you still remember New Year? Well, before I write next week’s HEADlines we will have passed the longest day of the year: Thursday 21 June is the Summer Solstice and should see us enjoy approximately 17 hours of daylight.

This time of year sees our Arts Week start on Monday with all the excitement it brings and ending on Friday afternoon with the King’s College Big Band and the Science Boffins coming along to open our Science Faculty. Later that evening, you are invited to return to enjoy ‘Cocktails and Jazz’ with the Band regaling you further as you tuck into your picnic. Do reply to the links about these two events to help us plan appropriately.

Finally, I am told that a revamp of our website is going live today – I hope you enjoy the refresh!

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