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Everybody has a little bounce in their step this afternoon – it may just conceivably, possibly, perhaps, have a little to do with the fact that school exams are complete; 8S have presented their amazing projects; Golden Time/Plus Rewards/Town Time is currently being enjoyed and all (staff most certainly and deservedly) are looking forward to the much needed chance to catch breath after a busy and productive first half of term.

As we know, there are pulsating weeks ahead after the break, including Common Entrance for many in Year 8, and so I do hope everyone can be properly rested as well as enjoying some fun over the next 10 days.

We had the School Council (Governors) here on Tuesday. A fine body, they are very involved in all that goes on in the school throughout each year and on Education Day they enjoy the chance to spend time with the children in classes, activities and meals. They all left the school pepped up by not only your children and their general positivity but also having reminded themselves how adept, committed and able the staff are: there is no doubt they were able to see the fruits of their labours laid out before them.

“Down wid da kidz” is where it’s at and, as you may have gathered by now, when seeking respite from the admin, red tape and other wholly necessary but irksome external factors, I escape to spend time with the children and remember what it’s all about. That said, too much of a good thing is bad for you, they say, and I think I’ll cope without them for a while!

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Friday 1 October 2021

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