An Evening with the Boarders | King's Hall School Taunton

The school highlight of my week has to be an evening in the boarding house with the Year 7 boys. Claire and I ran a boarding house back in the day and any extended time spent upstairs reminds me of all the fun times. Of course there were also challenging times, sad times, boring times, frustrating times and ‘I can’t believe you did that!’ times … just as in any family.

The boys were very easy in each other’s company, happily ruminating on the day or looking forward to tomorrow and cheerfully joshing with each other. It’s so nice to get to hear more about the child on the inside and discover how interesting they are and all the random things they know that I don’t. We have the Boarders’ Feast on the last night of term and this is easily in my top five school occasions of the year.

Another favourite is the time I am able to spend with children in preparation for interviews that lie ahead for them. Here, again, it is always a joy to uncover some fascinating personalities and to chat with children who are much cleverer than I am – they just don’t know it yet, so please don’t tell them!

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