An all Singing and Dancing Week | King's Hall School Taunton

My coordination was challenged this week during a violin lesson with Year 2.Thanks to the generosity of a former pupil we have a suite of violins and so every child learns to handle this instrument for the year – we hope several will choose to continue to take lessons thereafter. Posture, rhythm, bow angle, pressure, finger grips, looking at the conductor but also the notes and checking the positions again – my goodness there’s a lot going on but we made a pretty decent sound and largely in time, too. It was one of those moments when you seriously consider committing more time to it.

For the last couple of days we have been joined by some eager Year 6 children from five local primary schools and they have been involved in a STEM investigation called ‘Stop The Spread’. As I wondered around the labs, the cookery school and the workshop they were all in the thick of things problem solving with each other. One commented that ‘the spaces really help you do what you’re meant to do, the science lab is my favourite’: it reminded me that the children here learn in these purposeful and inspiring spaces as the norm – they are subliminally enthused all the time by the physical school environment even before the teacher gets going.

Assembly today was mainly about Christmas Sparkle (more in the Newsletter) and Penny from Sparkle HQ helped the children become more aware of this charity’s work. Another charitable effort, but this time coming to an end, is Movember and assembly ended with an impromptu sing song from our own Mo Boy Band following a Twitter post from the King’s College Sports department! They rose to the challenge splendidly and do dip into @KingsHallSport Twitter account if you wish to enjoy the moment.

The week ends with the Friends of King’s Hall Barn Dance. The event has proved so popular they have had to close the barn doors and so tonight promises to be a wonderful melee of children and adults dancing and socialising between the ages. Well done to the Chief Pelican and his team for the idea and for getting things so organised.

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