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A Week of STEM Celebrations

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It has been a fantastic week filled with teamwork and challenges as we celebrated STEM week across school. Maths, science and ICT became focal lessons, with the pupils also participating in some themed co-curricular activities.

Children in Years 3, 4 and 5 put their scientific knowledge and numeracy skills to the test after their Rose Garden was rocked by a mysterious murder. With the chalky remnants of the perpetrator being their only clue to the heinous crime, the pupils worked together to uncover the culprit.

Meanwhile, the Year 6 children enjoyed a taste of the commercial world after hypothesising the best way to package a set of ping pong balls. After considering the environmental and cost implications, they set about examining the different mathematical options for the ‘snuggest’ fit with the least wasted space. The octahedron proved the most economical, but there were some excellent originality and ingenuity in the children’s designs. Following the construction, the pupils then used their ICT lessons to produce some eye-catching packaging.

Performance was the focus for Year 7 and 8, who were tasked with examining the importance of equipment and the athlete in the classic sport of skeleton. On the mathematical front, factors such as speed, potential energy and kinetic energy were considered, whilst science and DT lessons were used to produce and test some scaled-down prototypes.

Our Head of Maths, Richard Morgan, said: “There were some very interesting discussions around the extraordinary human qualities required to participate in this sport at the highest level. A thoroughly intellectually stimulating and enjoyable week was had by all.”

STEM Week in Pre-Prep has been a more colourful affair, with a pop-up STEM station being at the forefront of the fun. A carousel of activities, including a water and oil, and ‘dancing raisins’ experiment, enabled the children to gain insight into cause-and-effect. Parents were also invited to join their children in a themed Stay and Play session, before enjoying an all-singing assembly (complete with dancing dice and mad scientists!).

Head of Pre-Prep, Claire Luckhurst, beamed: "The children have thoroughly enjoyed igniting their curiosities in our STEM station, and despite planned trips not being able to go ahead, have impressed us with their enthusiasm, observations, questions and thirst for discovery. This enthusiasm even spilled over into Performance Club, where the children decided to write, produce and perform a STEM-inspired ‘pantomime’ about a mad scientist. We definitely have some budding STEM scholars in Pre-Prep!"

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