A Trip To Cornwall | King's Hall School Taunton

What an amazing weekend our boarders had in Cornwall, everyone had the best time. Although the drive down was wet, spirits never wavered and when we arrived the sun came out. We headed straight to Padstow where we all devoured Rick Stein's delicious fish and chips whilst sat on benches looking over the harbour. I think the seagulls must have gone on holiday as not one tried to pinch our food, much to the disappointment of Snoops who was on Seagull watch!

Next stop was Harlyn Bay here the children were given strict instructions not to go in the water. Falling of deaf ears springs to mind as at least six of them needed a full change of clothes! It was then off to Trevose Golf and Country Club where we checked into three lodges and two bungalows. The children were most excited not only to find they had their own en-suite, but also a TV in the bedroom. No early wake up for us we thought, but that was not to be the case as one member of staff was woken up by a child who couldn't find the remote control! We ate in the golf club's dining room and we could not have been prouder of all the children as they were beautifully behaved with exceptionally good table manners.

Sunday morning started with both a wonderful cooked and continental breakfast and then we headed to Constantine Bay. Mr Masters took three boys off for a game of golf whilst the rest of us spent the morning on the beach in the beautiful sunshine. After lunch, the children experienced an exhilarating ride on a speed boat and as an added bonus we got to see a porpoise, some seals, birds and a stegosaurus! It was then time to head back to school with just enough time for a pit stop at McDonalds en route. Everyone was tucked up and asleep by 9.00 pm. Just the perfect weekend!

A message from Snoops

I have just had the best weekend ever! The best bit for me was Harlyn Bay. Mrs Masters gave strict instructions about not getting wet but the waves tricked us and the junior boys and I got rather soggy. Whilst on the beach I met lots of dogs and puppies and most of them were up for a chase and a bit of rough and tumble. What a place to hang out at weekends! On the way back to where we were staying the girls said I smelt like 'wet dog'! What a strange thing to say. If they had a keen sense of smell, like mine, they would soon realise that wet humans don't smell too good either! I think the seagulls must have gone on holiday as not one tried to pinch our food, much to the disappointment of Snoops who was on Seagull watch!

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