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A Trip That Will Go Down in History ...

Part way through the term, our Year 3 children dug into the past to uncover Celtic artefacts. Read more about their… https://t.co/ys6HP3W6Ff - 4 days ago

Following their recent trip to Longleat Safari Park, our Year 2s set out on yet another educational adventure. This time, they set their sights on historic Glastonbury, a town steeped in myth and folk legend.

As part of their work on King Arthur, the children began their day with a trip to the Abbey. Guided by Brother David, Lizzy the Kitchen Maid, and Queen Eleanor, the group received a behind-the-scenes tour of the medieval monastery.

Following their tour, and much to the children’s delight, Queen Eleanor dressed them in fancy garments, before asking them to re-enact the legend of Merlin and King Arthur – a tale they are quite familiar with! A morning of acting, however, took its toll, and rumbling tummies soon became centre stage.

Luckily, Lizzy was on hand to show them the Abbey’s gardens, where the group were free to pick fruit and vegetables, ready to be taken back for cooking. Everyone was shocked at the size of kitchen, which boasted four fireplaces, one in each corner. It was here that the children got to see some popular medieval dishes, including eel pie (yuck!).

The visit concluded with a talk from Brother David, who got the children to dress up as monks and learn about their lifestyle and religious practices. He even let them in on a little secret about the Abbey’s sacred thorn bush!

After saying goodbye, it was then time to climb the famous, and suitably windy, Glastonbury Tor. A few huffs and puffs later, the group made it to the top, where they were able to see for miles around. Rumour has it that Arthur was buried on the Tor, and this certainly raised a few eyebrows and got the children chattering about where he might be …!

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