A Rather Quiet New Year for Me! | King's Hall School Taunton

Dear Friends

I hope you are all well. School has gone quiet again, but not as quiet as the first Lockdown.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed seeing the critical workers’ children at school, and as always, I’ve been as helpful as possible. I’ve cleared up lunch crumbs, joined in football games on the Astro and helped out in the computer room. I can’t resist wandering under the computer tables and brushing against legs to make the children jump! They haven’t quite got used to the fact that there’s a friendly ball of fur wandering around during their lessons.

Life in other parts of school is rather dull at the moment. The boarding house is strangely quiet, so quiet in fact, that I haven’t even been tempted to go into your dorms and move your slippers. Some of you will remember when I accidentally ate the odd slipper when I was a pup. Sorry, Monty, and other chewed up slipper owners.

Anyway, enough about my antics as a pup, I am becoming quite grown up now, although I do still have the odd silly moment.

I’m looking forward to catching up with you all in next week’s newsletter and seeing what you’ve all been up to. And remember, even though you may not have seen me online, I’ve spotted most of you during your remote lessons. Work hard everyone!

Lots of Love

Your Snoops X

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