A purposeful week to be topped off with snow? | King's Hall School Taunton

As we head to St Patrick’s Day tomorrow, the colour green comes to mind and some healthy jealousy that colour can imply. Yesterday, 24 Prep School Heads of Science spent the day at King’s Hall, enjoying a day of professional development, networking and sharing of best practice. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that there were many green eyes as they spent much of the time in our brilliant new Science Faculty. The day went very well and thanks go to those on site who made it all go so smoothly.

King’s College have been inspected this week and whilst the Headmaster cannot say too much before the official report is published I know that they are very happy with what the inspectors had to say. As you are probably aware, since last May we have been waiting for an Inspection here based on the rough 3 year schedule ISI set themselves - we were last visited in May 2014. An inspection of course makes you stand a little straighter and can put a little more tension in the air during the visit but there is no denying the sense of release once one is behind such an event: I am certainly jealous of the College basking in that feeling at the moment. Perhaps ours will be next week?

The terrific Year 6 play – last performance tonight – is a marvellously colourful feast for the eyes as well as containing some wonderful acting, humour and singing. Once again, Mrs Keirle’s creativity is evident with many a clever mechanism in place as the children learn more about stage craft than merely acting.

Having had a huge response to our Friends of King’s Hall Easter Egg Hunt with nearly three hundred people signing up to wander around Willett Wood hunting for clues that can be traded for eggs, it is really disappointing that with the forecast freezing temperatures, gusty winds and the high potential for some snow plus a yellow (more of a St David’s Day daffodil colour) weather warning out from the Met Office it does look as if it may have to be cancelled – we will keep you updated.

As we head into the last weekend of this term, in the Newsletter you will read how the pace never slows and the final days next week are set to be just as full of activity.

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