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Gambolling on the fields, hitting cricket balls with the girls, considering the pros and cons for both the company and the country of choice when a large business operates there, climbing on the Adventure Playground, a dose of spelling rules about suffixes, time together spent considering our own Wellbeing, eating a lemon curd sandwich for tea, discussing characteristics of good leaders and enjoying the tranquillity and reflection of the Family Eucharist. These are amongst the children’s experiences that I have shared with them this week as I have dipped into lessons, break times and sought them out around the school.

Monday’s assembly to us all was from two Lower 6th Form girls now at the College, Ellie and Phoebe, who started their time with us in Nursery and Year 4 respectively. They have launched a project called The Final Straw and they are aiming to remove plastic straws from use in Somerset. I know it would be hard for you to imagine, but the children were much more engaged than when I take assembly! The girls were slick, relevant, spoke their language, cool, completely on message and beautifully capitalised on the naturally occurring enthusiasm of youth for their own future outcomes, as well as playing gently on the guilt of casual, careless behaviour in us all. It was a proud “here’s one (two) we prepared earlier” moment. At the end, to cement the passage of time theme, when I offered them a lift back, Ellie replied: “it’s okay thanks, Phoebe’s driving”!

To think they used to be the ones gambolling on the fields, eating lemon curd sandwiches, having doses of…

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