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So here we go, the faintly frantic fervour of a new year at school is gently ebbing away as we get stuck into all the fun and endeavour of life at King’s Hall.

Welcome from HEADlines to all: welcome to new families and welcome back to those returning – we look forward to your children creating a powerful dynamic in the months ahead and the weekly Newsletters will capture much of what they get up to. The website is also populated with news items, and other streams/media platforms such as Twitter etc. are further sources to tap into so do remember to log on regularly. The school portal will be capturing various feeds to go alongside information such as diary events, timetables, reports and other documents, too.

This Newsletter has a new look, too. There are more hyperlinks allowing this to be a centre from which you can either read or tap into some of the information and news we post. It also includes a snapshot of life in the Pre-Prep as a reminder that we are very much one school. Pelican News will still be distributed to Pre-Prep parents directly as it contains key relevant information.

One of the more notable events this week was the Year 7 and 8 triathlon in lovely weather, if a little breezy, and there was much to admire in the effort and commitment of those who entered. The breeze has allowed our new flagpole and flag to show itself at its best and we have vexillological (there’s a word I have only recently come across!) plans for the children. We hope you like the addition.

There have, naturally, been a couple of settling in wobbles, but overwhelmingly there have been big smiley faces around the school. One child who has been with us for a while declared that this is the ‘best year I’ve ever had at school’ as they talked about the differences moving up a year brings; a new boarder said ‘my dorm is the best’; more than one member of staff shared how much they like their new tutor group, and a parent of a new child told me that they have never heard their son use the word ‘awesome’ in relation to school before! It is early days, of course, with other challenges ahead, but it does seem to have been a very positive week all round: long may it continue.

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