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A Little Christmas Magic for our Boarders

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While this is taken from our Boarding Blog, we wanted to share far and wide in case you may have stumbled across this news page. Our Houseparent, Mrs Masters, and her team of support staff do a wonderful job caring for our boarders. Every weekend is filled with activities and fun, and Mrs Masters always approaches the planning of these with a 'what would I want to do if I were a child?'. 

And so, with many children unable to return home to enjoy our recent Long Weekend, she set about creating a weekend with a difference! 

With the children being given the opportunity to make the choices and rules, this particular weekend had been a long time in the making:

"All I can say is thank goodness for Amazon! Over the last few weeks the children have been planning and doing a huge amount of online shopping. Our Saturday afternoon activity was model-making and each child chose an Airfix or wooden model to make. So with the record player on (that in itself was a history lesson in the making!) and constant chatter, there was the occasional outburst of singing and eventually some very good models created, which were painted and left to dry.

Amazon also provided the children with Christmas jumpers, hats and glasses – they had great fun trying them all on ready for the last week of term and we did take the opportunity to do a quick photo shoot! Everyone ordered a gingerbread house which turned into a competition and we had some very elaborate houses that caught the eyes of the judges and luckily photos were taken in haste as many began to show nibble marks – by the end of the evening they had totally disappeared!"

"Food played a big part; requests were made for homemade soup, Chinese takeaway and pizzas, not to mention treat boxes, cereals and crumpets. Miss Biggs and I had a great weekend and I know the children did to. They were thoroughly spoilt and absolutely deserved every minute of it. A weekend to remember for all of us."

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