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I am so proud of how well our new Reception children have settled into ‘school life’ after only one week.I saw very few tears last week but lots of happy smiling faces as they discovered new things such as playtimes on the field, assemblies, collecting their own lunch from the servery and Early Morning Club to name but a few.Starting school is such a pivotal moment in the lives of both children and their parents; a milestone in which their journeys into full time education begins.

This year’s Reception class have all ‘graduated’ from our Pelican Nursery where some have been since they were 2 years old while others joined just at the start of last summer term.However as Nursery 2 is joined to Reception it empowers the children to make the transition with confidence.They are so happy to step into the new as the security of what they have come from is only just behind them and a good deal of what they experience is already so familiar.In this way they are not having to ‘start again’ but are able to simply build on what they already know.Some things will be a little different such as collecting their lunch from the servery rather than being served at their table, but this is seen as a sign of ‘growing up’ and the children relish this new expectation.This also means the children are also very well known to us and so we can really ‘hit the ground running’ in terms of supporting their development and progress across the curriculum.As the first seven years of life are paramount in laying the foundations of all future learning we really can capitalise on making the most of every moment.

I am under no illusion there will be a few ‘wobbles’ over the next few weeks as the children adjust to the stamina required for being at school full-time and adapt to the different routines of life in a Reception class compared to life in Nursery.However I have no doubt these will only be minor and they will all continue to ‘fly’ through their first year at school.

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