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Star Wars Day tomorrow – and several people’s birthdays I’m coming to understand – I hope you all have a good time and any gifts are to your liking. Bank Holiday means some exciting plans ahead and I know a smattering will be at Badminton Horse Trials, family gatherings, mini-breaks, camping trips, canoeing and there is also the celebration of 50 Years of Co-education at King’s. Plenty going on and whilst it won’t be as hot as Easter it seems the weekend will be largely dry in this region.

There has been a leitmotif of giving this week and first we welcomed His Excellency Sheikh Mansoor Al Thani to our schools on Monday. His Excellency is the Chair of the Board of King’s College Doha and we certainly benefit from his generosity of spirit, time and sponsorship. This weekend will see Mrs Hardy and Mrs Gompels head out for a few days as we continue giving our experience and enthusiasm as our strong partnership with them grows.

At our Thursday service, Father Mark ensured we took time to reflect on and be grateful for those past and current benefactors of our schools who so generously share their time or their talent or their material wealth (often a combination) for the enhancement of the school and the benefit of the children. A prime and immediate example is here for us all to see in the form of the Adventure Playground. We followed the service by heading down to bless the new kit with a chance for staff and children to have a first clamber over it – there are some fab pictures in the newsletter and on social media.

Finally on this theme, tonight I am going (along with some of you reading this, no doubt) to a fundraiser built around Pig Racing! No livestock involved but it promises to be a fun way to kick into the weekend.

See you on Tuesday (not Monday) as we move deeper into the Summer Term.

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