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In a few ways, this week had some wider elements of gloominess within it. The autumn equinox marking the point from which we have less light than dark in our days for the next three months; a change in the weather mid-week plus a tightening of some Covid restrictions and a reminder these circumstances may not alter much for a while. There were certainly some forlorn, glass half empty, droopy shoulder moments and it’s not a bad thing, from time to time, to allow a bit of self-pitying and to not ignore the emotional challenges we face.

What you do need, however, are pick-me-ups to ensure you don’t spend too long navel-gazing. Luckily for us, one highly recommended remedy is spending time with children. There is something special about being carefree that makes it a necessary component of a well-lived childhood and carefreeness is a disposition not to feel stressed and anxious that resides quite naturally in children (adolescence then starts to alter this!). So, we have about 300 reasons to be cheerful amongst us and this week’s newsletters again have several insights to what they’ve been up to. Whilst Year 5 have enjoyed themselves and gained a great deal over the last two days at Kilve, it is too soon to offer reflections on their trip – that’ll be something to look forward to in next week’s edition; Year 4 are the next to head off.

Two people have separately offered the same thought of another collective remedy during more difficult times. A parent waiting at pick up, and a member of staff in the playground both said to me, when contemplating the societal pressures we all share, “We all just need to be kind to each other”.

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