​Senior Pupils Bewitch With Production of The Wiz | King's Hall School Taunton

​Senior Pupils Bewitch With Production of The Wiz

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Last week our Year 7 and 8 pupils were preparing for their musical production of The Wiz. The atmosphere was a buzz of anticipation, with everyone keen to perform the soulful version of The Wizard of Oz to an expectant audience.

All good actors get a little nervous, as do the directors, but they had survived the audition process and the intense eight weeks of rehearsals that followed, so they arrived at opening night happy in the knowledge that they were ready for an audience.

The stage, set, and lighting were excellent – everyone loved the yellow brick road and how it allowed the actors to continue their journey from scene to scene, not to mention the psychedelic Munchkin land, Evillene’s monstrous carriage and the impressive Emerald City.

The opening scene engaged audiences from the start, with Toto (Snoops) making his grand entrance, closely followed by the adorable Dorothy (Darcey). The first spectacle to bewitch audiences was the arrival of the tornado – which was a delight to the eyes and ears. Amazing lighting, props and choreography aided Dorothy’s initial journey to Oz.

As the story continued, the crowd were treated to what can only be described as an exceptional performance. Solos, ensembles, vibrant choreography and toe-tapping numbers made up the majority of the show, meaning there was no time for our backstage crew to sit back and relax. It was particularly pleasing to see how the whole cast memorised the order of scenes, looked after the props with care, and handled the quick costume changes with ease.

While there are too many memorable moments to mention, we must admit that the groovy tune of Ease on Down the Road was stuck in our head for days, as was the powerful performance of No Bad News from the wickedly-wonderful Evillene (Erin). Gabriel also dazzled audiences with his excellent portrayal of the infamous Wizard of Oz.

Commenting on the final production, our Head of Drama, Lisa Keirle said: “The children wanted to make this show a success and indeed it was. Everyone put on a stellar performance, whether it was Dorothy and her lovable friends, the mighty powerful Wiz, the sassy Gatekeeper, or the mysterious witches, Addaperle, Glinda and Evillene, the whole cast shone. And that’s without mentioning the talented ensemble of crows, Munchkins, Emerald City Citizens, Kalidahs, monkeys and Winkies, who never seemed to leave the stage.”

She added: “The backstage team must also be congratulated. They worked tirelessly to create such colourful and eye-catching costumes. It is always sad when the show is over and the sets dismantled, props packed away, and costumes hung for another day, but I know that the children will have great memories of this experience.”

We always aim for high standards here at King’s Hall, and once again the Year 7 and 8 production has proved that the performing arts is flourishing under the guidance of our passionate and expert staff.

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