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​Pelican Explorers Enjoy “Turtley” Amazing Animal Encounter

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Pelican Explorers is back in full swing and better than ever before! With a new line up of activities, including our popular Pioneers and Playgroup sessions, adventure is just around the corner.

To mark the beginning of a new and wintry term, Mrs Wrelton very kindly treated the children to a special story session. Wrapped in their colourful winter wardrobes and trusty welly boots, the Explorers and their parents gathered around the firepit to enjoy Michael Coleman’s Ridiculous. The story followed the tale of Shelley, a happy-go-lucky tortoise, who breaks out of hibernation in search of adventure.

There was lots of laughter and plenty of interactive moments throughout, but little did the children know that Mrs Wrelton had something very magical up her sleeve. As the story came to a close, and Shelley returned to her bed for the winter, there was a big reveal – two real-life tortoises had dropped by to say hello. Their names? Tipsy and Topsy!

The duo, who were born in 2016, are marginated tortoises, meaning they are the largest of their European species and can live for up to 100 years. The pair, who are owned by Mrs Wrelton’s daughter, are herbivorous and hibernate for the winter. They enjoy a healthy diet of leafy greens (weeds are their favourite!), but do favour the odd apple now and again.

After a quick meet and greet with their new friends, the children took part in an arts and craft activity that saw them collect leaves from around the wood, ready for cutting and sticking on to paper. The goal was to make a colourful card tortoise that could be taken home to share with their friends and family. The session ended with a delicious hot chocolate and flapjack, which was much appreciated after a chilly but fun day.

Not wanting to miss out on any of the fun, our playgroup took part in a similar session the following day. Tipsy and Topsy returned for another morning of cuddles, and even got to enjoy the luxury of being hand fed chunks of apple. The toddlers also took part in a creative activity, using sponge paints and collages to create even more “turtley-amazing” masterpieces. A slice of chocolate cake, a group singsong, and a story rounded off another fun session.

While Tipsy and Topsy may be returning to hibernation, ready to sleep away the winter months, the fun is just starting here at Pelican Explorers. If you would like to find out more, please visit www.kingshalltaunton.co.uk/pelican-explorers or contact us on 01823 285928.

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