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​EAL Pupils Create Ultimate Guide to Boarding School

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Our international pupils have been recollecting some of their favourite school memories as part of a recent EAL (English as a Foreign Language) assignment. The children were tasked with creating an eye-catching leaflet that would help prepare overseas pupils looking to start King’s Hall in September.

EAL teacher, Kathy Aladin, said: “I am always trying to think of new and exciting projects for my EAL pupils, and knowing that they would need work to tide them over for a few weeks, I designed a project that would benefit both them and other international children.”

The leaflets cover a multitude of topics, including what to expect when you first arrive, a summary of the curriculum, and a list of the basic school rules. There are also sections for uniform, hobbies, boarding and more importantly, food.

Speaking of food, Year 6 pupil Quincy C can’t seem to get enough. In her leaflet she wrote: “You don’t really need snacks because we have some delicious foods that you must try.” Her favourites include fish and chips, beef lasagne and homemade pizza. Year 7 pupil Herbert Y is also a fan of British cuisine, especially roast dinners. He is described by his Houseparent, Mrs Masters, as a “very happy, caring young man with a passion for food.” He loves to share culinary tips and family recipes with his boarding friends.

As well as food, Herbert enjoys playing sports at the weekend and joining his fellow boarders on their weekly excursions. In his leaflet, he spoke about some of his favourite pastimes; amusement parks, laser tag and bowling ranking highly on his list.

It was agreed by all that being surrounded by countryside made the school feel like one big playground, especially during the weekend. Zhie L, a Year 7 weekly boarder, welcomed the idea, writing: “King’s Hall has a lovely atmosphere with lots of fields surrounding the school.”

Of course, studying abroad comes with its challenges and our EAL pupils were not afraid to share some of the cultural differences they have experienced while in the UK. The stark changes in weather was a popular one, as was the difference between British and American English. I guess we’ll never get over the crisps/chips divide…

However, one thing remained clear – the unconditional love our pupils have for Snoops, our loveable boarding dog. He really is one of a kind! We look forward to sharing these leaflets with our new joiners and hope that they provide a source of support and excitement in these uncertain times.

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