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​Building Confidence with LEGO® Therapy

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Learning Strategies (LS) is an integral part of school life at King’s Hall. Located at the heart of the school, the department helps pupils to gain confidence in their learning by providing appropriate intervention and coping strategies, as well as helpful advice on how to boost self-esteem.

This term we have started LEGO® Club, a new and interactive hobby that is based on Dr Daniel LeGoff’s LEGO® Therapy. LEGO®-based therapy is a social development intervention that is often used by schools to help children with social and language difficulties such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and dyslexia.

The activity employs the roles of ‘Engineer’, ‘Builder’ and ‘Supplier’ to collaboratively construct a model using LEGO® bricks. The ‘Engineer’ takes control of the project, telling the ‘Supplier’ which bricks to use and the ‘Builder’ how to put them together. The children change roles throughout the session, allowing them to reap the rewards of each position. Over the past few weeks, the pupils have been working on the Star Wars Sith Infiltrator™ – a fittingly fearsome vessel and the personal starship of Darth Maul. With its retractable landing gears, folding wings and spring-loaded shooters, it’s no wonder this activity (and model) is so popular!

Our Head of Learning Strategies, Antonia Cheeseman, said: “I’ve run LEGO® Clubs for many years and find them very beneficial for children. It helps them to grow in confidence, learn how to take turns, and communicate more effectively with their peers.”

We have also introduced a new Touch Typing hobby this term which is open to all of our Year 7 and 8 pupils. These sessions help the children to practise and develop their keyboard skills, with a focus on speed and accuracy. We strive to identify new and emerging trends in mental health and pupil wellbeing, and believe that our small class sizes and tailored activities allows us to be responsive to those issues our pupils may be facing.

Last year, as part of their CPD, eight members of staff successfully completed a course in ‘Understanding Children and Young People’s Mental Health’. The NCEFE Cache Level 2 qualification aims to increase the learner’s knowledge and awareness of mental health issues commonly associated with children and young people, and highlights the support available to maintain pupil wellbeing.

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