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OMG (which I understand during lockdown has come to mean One More Gin) what an incredible change their presence has made to the site. They are such a powerful source of energy and enthusiasm – we already knew this, but the long time apart accentuates what we have missed so much. I cannot tell you how cheerful and optimistic the atmosphere was yesterday, in particular, but still today.

Children have revelled in each other’s company once again and these couple of days have seen plenty of teaching and learning get underway but we are also keen simply to re-establish and re-affirm our warm and purposeful relationships with each other.

Even better, the first couple of days have passed very smoothly and I thank the children, the staff and parents for the willingness and combined goodwill shown to adapt and make this beginning to the term such a positive one. Whilst the after school programme is not in full flow, pick up is busy at 4.30pm but these two days have gone well. Thank you to drivers for taking care of pedestrians around you and the flow of cars down the back drive has cleared by 4.45pm meaning not a long wait: thank you for being patient.

One immediate event at the start of each year is the handing out of Year 8 ties to those now in the final year of the Prep school. With the tie, and a place in the vanguard, comes the responsibility and understanding to be forerunners, pacesetters, and to lead by example and through endeavour. There are 60 of them and we look forward to seeing what they, and all children here, can achieve collectively between now and July.

So, we have steerage way now and will look to pick up speed with every day and week that passes – with the children in our engine room we certainly have the fuel on board!

The Prep weekly Newsletter will start in earnest next Friday but, for now, you can click on the link below to see some of the photos I Tweeted yesterday which will give you a flavour.

Have a good weekend.

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