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On Tuesday morning, a record number of Year 7 and Year 8 bookworms gathered in the library, ready to share their opinions on The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.

The Explorer is a wonderfully atmospheric adventure story set in the Amazon rainforest. Here are just some of the words that our Book Breakfast team used to describe the story: mysterious, adventurous, descriptive, thrilling, triumphant and surprising.

The pupils, who had read the story over the Christmas holiday, chatted enthusiastically about their favourite parts of the novel. Alvin loved the descriptions of how the children within the book managed to survive after crash-landing in the forest, and how they then explored their exotic surroundings.

Alice and Lily particularly enjoyed the appearance of Baca, the baby sloth. Bel also loved the combination of characters, and Nigel liked the way in which they managed to get along, despite their differences.

We had an interesting discussion about the things that we would need in order to survive, if, like Fred, Con, Lila and Max, we too found ourselves marooned in the Amazon.

We also discussed how hungry we would have to be before we would eat a tarantula, like the characters in the story. Luckily, we need not have worried, for we had a delicious spread of Danish pastries to stave our hunger.

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