Year 1 Summer Curriculum

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Welcome back to the final term in Year 1 for which we have lots of exciting things planned for your wonderful children!

We hope the weather will be just as exciting to let us make the most of being outdoors as much as possible and, of course, to do lots of swimming! Remember to send your child back with their named swimming kit, including a rash vest, swimming hats for girls, suitable footwear for all to walk to and from the pool and goggles/armbands if required. This kit should be in school every day and we will send it home to be washed/dried in between swims. Please also remember to send your child back with a named sunhat and sun cream if you wish for your child to have a product different to that supplied by the school.



Our first topic is Pirates and we hope you have all sorted your child’s costume ready for our adventure to Bristol on Tuesday 24th April when we don them to explore the good ship ‘The Matthew’. This should be a really exciting trip and a great stimulus for our learning.

During the topic we will be making our own treasure chests, finding out about some famous pirates from the past, making treasure maps, investigating floating and sinking, singing sea shanties and learning some pirate lingo.

After half-term we will stay with a maritime theme as we learn about the Seaside in terms of geographical features as well as how seaside holidays have changed over the past 100 years.

This will include a trip to Weston-Super-Mare to enjoy a traditional seaside day out by eating ice-creams, riding donkeys, walking along the pier and making lots of sandcastles.

If you have any artefacts, books, ideas you think would be good to support these topics we would love to see / hear about them!



The children will continue to read to an adult every day as well as participate in regular Letters and Sounds sessions.

In our fiction unit of study the children will explore features of a pirate story. They will plan and write a new story concentrating on descriptive vocabulary as well as interesting sentence starters and simple punctuation.

In our non-fiction unit the children will learn about instruction writing and attempt to write some pirate instructions. They will also explore new vocabulary and create a fact file about a sea creature of their choice.

In our poetry unit the children will use their own experiences to understand poems, look for patterns, make inferences, explore verbs and create their own poems based on a model. The children will also continue to work towards achieving their individual targets for reading and writing.

Spellings will continue to be practised in class during the week and individual spellings will be sent home on a Monday to be tested in class the following Monday.



The children will continue to secure and consolidate their understanding of number within the range 0 -100 (and beyond if ready) by:

  • Finding 1 or 10 more / less than any 2-digit number
  • Understanding place value in 2-digit numbers and identify 10s and 1s
  • Use number facts to add and subtract
  • Cross over 10s boundaries when adding / subtracting
  • Compare weights and capacities
  • Find half of numbers to 10 and then 20
  • Recognise, name and know the value of all coins
  • Find change from 10p and 20p
  • Tell the time (½ past, ¼ past and ¼ to)
  • Recognise odd and even numbers
  • Count in 2s, 5s and 10s and begin to multiply by 2, 5 and 10 by counting in groups

The children will continue to work towards achieving their individual mathematics targets each week.

<h2>Other Lessons</h2>

Other Lessons

The children will also have weekly discrete lessons in PE, Games, French, Music, Computing, RS and PSHE throughout the term. Forest School will continue to take place every Wednesday when your child should come to school wearing their Forest School clothes; sunny weather still dictates long trousers and long sleeved tops please.

The End of Term

The End of Term

Towards the end of the term the children will complete some standardised tests designed to validate our own assessments and prove a helpful tracker of their progress through Pre-Prep.

They will also enjoy the fun of rehearsals for the Summer Show and Sports Day which will be our finale to the academic year.

Important Dates

Important Dates

18 April: Term begins

24 April: Pirate Day (costumes required) and trip to The Matthew of Bristol

7 May: Public Holiday

10 May: Window of Learning at 8.30am –9.10am

21 May: Parent-Teacher meetings 3.00pm –6.00pm by appointment

25 May: Half term begins at 4.30pm

12June: Trip to Weston-Super-Mare

21 June: Y2 Welcome Afternoon at 2.45pm

26June: Pre-Prep Informal Concert

27 June: ‘Open’ Ballet lessons, 2.50pm –3.20pm

5July: Summer Show, Sports and End of Term

  • “As ever, please do come and see us if there is anything you wish to discuss about your child or anything in this letter you would like to know more about. ”
    - With very best wishes, Heidi Lawford, Claire Luckhurst, Cathy Passmore and Claire Stanley

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