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At our termly Story Club session on Thursday, Year 1 were treated to reading of the wonderful picture book “I’ll Wait, Mr Panda” by Steve Antony.

In this story, loveable (but ever so slightly stern) Mr Panda is busy making a top secret surprise for his animal friends. The trouble is, everyone finds waiting much too difficult. Everyone that is except one very patient penguin. Year 1 were captivated from the very first page.

An interesting discussion followed about how some things can really be worth waiting for. We also talked about things that we find tricky to wait for. Here are some of Year 1’s top suggestions:

  • the bus
  • your cousins to arrive
  • your new glasses
  • sausages for tea
  • and of course… Christmas!

Finally, we all put our waiting skills to the test in our own version of the Marshmallow Test in which we were challenged to hold a tasty marshmallow in our hands for a full minute. Those yummy marshmallows were definitely worth waiting for!

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