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Year 1 Investigates the Sighting of a Superhero!

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Last week, our Year 1 superhero news reporters spent the morning looking for clues and searching for an epic superhero, Superbat Pat!

A family of mice had been filming using the Green Screen and iPad in their classroom, and wanted to find the epic, skilful and courageous superhero who had recently saved them from the vicious jaws of a mean moggy – they were very keen to thank him for his selfless actions.

Fortunately, our Year 1 superhero news reporters were on hand to aid the family in their search for Superbat Pat. Looking closely at the clues at the crime scene, they began taking photos … lots of photos … to use as evidence to draw an e-fit of the superhero.

The next day, the news reporters observed the CCTV footage of the scuffle and listened to witness statements from the three mice. Thanks to the reporters’ thoughtfully presented wanted posters, the superhero was quickly located; however, his modesty made him reluctant to take credit for his awesome actions.

The news reporters carefully composed their own questions for the superhero in order to tease out the true identity of the masked hero. It was not long until the young Superbat admitted his role in saving the lives of the young family of mice.

Superbat Pat’s bravery, and the speed with which he put his amazing superpowers to good use, were commended at a medal ceremony at the local town hall.

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