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As with last week, the Newsletter will no doubt evidence that the flurry of activity for children across all year groups, the wide range of events and them gaining the subsequent rewards for their efforts, all continue apace.

Whilst all this current activity is taking place, there is plenty of thought behind the scenes to make sure we are as effective as possible come the new academic year. Great consideration is given to children, staffing, buildings etc and plans are put in place to maximise the time there aren’t children in the school over the weeks ahead. The marvellous new Science Faculty will be complete and this will not only provide labs twice the size in a brand new facility but will also allow us to reallocate some of the existing spaces and consolidate some subject teaching.

All in all it is busy – either doing or preparing – and yet there is still time for ‘being’, to live in the moment and simply enjoy all the instants of endeavour, joy, companionship, activity, fun and challenge as they happen. We will draw it all to a close at our Prize Day and I look forward to seeing Prep families there.

You will therefore understand that the question “Winding down to the end of term, Headmaster?” is a little wide of the mark: cranking up, more like. The pathway to the end of terms becomes exponentially steeper for a Head until the children leave and the Summer Term is usually the one with the sharpest gradient – the Col d’Izoard equivalent for this year’s Tour de France! It is then an almost vertical drop to the regular holiday background tinkering that is required. This time next week we will be free-wheeling down that vertical drop but there remains a good deal of action to complete yet.

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