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You may well know that the Headmaster is in Hong Kong for a few days and so he asked me if I'd like to put a few words together for this week's Newsletter. Not my favourite thing, I have to say, but I always do what I'm told!!

I have seen Justin's hectic schedule and I do (genuinely) hope there is an opportunity for some downtime for him as, having spent last weekend in a beautiful setting in Berkshire (although I didn't actually see outside of the hotel's walls), doing what can only be described as 'speed dating' with educational agents, I do know that these trips aren't as glamorous as they sound!

I would like to be able to say it has been a case of 'while the cat's away, the mice do play' in the School Office... but I can't! There is always so much to do.

I am, though, hoping to find time to do a little housekeeping in the Headmaster’s office… but then if I do he probably wouldn’t be able to find anything, as everything would be where it is supposed to be! Perhaps I should just settle with catching up on some of those longer term ‘to do’ jobs, as even while the ‘cat’s’ away, the ‘show (in this case, school!) must go on’ and the work doesn’t stop: just in the time taken to write this a couple of items on my Outlook task list have turned ‘red’. The Headmaster won’t be pleased!
Have a great weekend, everyone.

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