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Wow! What a busy weekend the boarding house has had. We started off with Movie Night when we had a full house of 80 children. Hots dogs and chips were wolfed down before, with boxes of popcorn and ice cream during the film. Amazingly, all the children were in bed by 9.30 and not a sound to be heard shortly after. Thank you, children! Saturday brought matches for most and to celebrate the Chinese New Year, a Chinese meal for supper. Sunday morning we had a lot to fit in so revision to start with then a quick shopping trip into town to buy what they need for exams, oh and a quick look in some clothes shops! Another hour of revision then off to Taunton to do some Virtual Go Karting. An exhilarating time was had by everyone and a special mention must go to Nigel for his amazing driving skills, a perfect way to relax before more revision (as you can imagine I’m not the most popular person today!) A scrumptious roast was followed by letter writing then time to collapse into bed.

Please click here for pictures from the weekend

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