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You will probably know that we are part of the Woodard Group of schools – a wonderful collective of over 50 schools across the country encompassing a wide range of educational offers. The group brings us great companionship, a combined wisdom as well as sustained inspiration to realise the vision of our founder Nathaniel Woodard. Woodard have a few customary quirks up their ecclesiastical sleeves…

There is the Kalendar, yes, spelled with a K which isn’t even a diary of events (it is a directory of Provosts, Fellows, schools and all Woodard connections). The Chair of Governors is referred to as The Custos – this translates to ‘Guardian’ from the Latin (and is the etymology of the word custody). Another is an event we experienced in our weekly service yesterday.

When a Woodard School appoints a new Head or a new Custos they have an Installation ceremony and Mrs Linda Nash, our new Custos, was duly installed by the Senior Provost of Woodard. It was a charming service, Mrs Nash was installed (in our fabulous ‘story chair’), the choir sang beautifully with an excellent solo from Izzy and we were joined by the Headmaster of King’s College and a large sprinkling of other Governors. We wish Linda all good fortune as she takes ‘guardianship’ of our schools.

Also yesterday, did anyone spot a) that the Bloodhound car was loaded on a trailer and left its Bristol base for the first time to head South West for a month of trials; or b) Mrs Wright in the audience for Question Time?

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