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Welcome the guest with a smile.
Are your guests waiting for anybody else?
Note the table number.
Point out the ‘As Much As You Like’ buffet breakfast and the tea and coffee station.
Take their cooked food order and indicate quantity required in the boxes below.

This week I was in Leamington Spa for the termly IAPS Board meeting and a few of us stayed in the Premier Inn there. Breakfast service was very busy and the waitress asked one of us if we could take the order for our table … so she handed over her notepad and the above is what is written on the order form! A Headmaster from a school in Wiltshire took on this responsibility very seriously. He offered us all in turn a beaming smile and proceeded to take our order. As you would expect with a gathering of Headmasters, at the end of his ‘duty’ we all had to evaluate his performance … had it been a school report, it would have read something like ‘David tried very hard and whilst he clearly did his best there is some room for improvement.’

As ever, it was interesting to be involved behind the scenes of an association such as the IAPS (Independent Association of Prep Schools) of which there are 650 member schools across the UK and to witness first-hand the strategic decisions, politics to be considered and the inertia to be overcome in order to move a big organisation forward.

Closer to home, Lisa Keirle has once again moved her ‘big organisation’ (Year 6) forward very effectively over the last few weeks and we have all so enjoyed their Roald Dahl celebration performances in the Arts Centre. Whilst on drama, I know that you will have all seen the Drama Festival results last week but I do think it worthy of a second mention as everybody performed incredibly well. I will enjoy celebrating their efforts in our final assembly this term.

It is Sport Relief tonight and those of you of a certain age will remember Lenny Henry kicking off the first Comic Relief evening – I was disappointed that he wasn’t serving my breakfast this week!

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