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It certainly has been a very busy time in the boarding house this week as we welcome 12 new boarders, and with some having never been to England before, it has certainly made for an emotional but an exciting week for us all.

I think if you ask any one of the boarders what has been the highlight of the week it would be “Snoops” our new boarding puppy who has distracted many homesick children and created a lot of love throughout the boarding house.

A special thank you must go to Mr Alastair Millburn, an old boy who spent many happy years as a boarder here at King’s Hall (Alastair also boarded at King's College for a further five years). He wanted to give a gift to the boarding house and last term the Year 8 children decided that the best gift of all – that the children and staff would enjoy – would be a dog.

Following much thought, discussion and research, it was decided the benefits for the children would be huge, and so we welcome “Snoops”, a 14 week old Cockapoo, to King’s Hall, who is adored by everyone.

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