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It has been lovely to see so many new faces and to watch them settle in so quickly – a credit to them and those around them who make it possible. In the first day or two some children still returned to last term’s basecamp on autopilot and unintended calls of ‘Daddy/Mummy?’ are heard from children seeking a teacher’s guidance: both quietly amusing and quite natural at this stage of proceedings!

We have already seen the first trips, experiments, the triathlon, a coffee morning and just yesterday the brilliant news that our Under 12 cricket team have become The Bunbury Cup Regional Champions by defeating Millfield and now move to the National rounds. This game was carried over due to two rain affected attempts falling by the wayside last term. Many congratulations to those involved and a terrific way to start (or is it end?) the sporting year.

The new groupings, new children, new staff, new routines and new physical layouts are all meshing together quite nicely as we come to the end of week one. A week where all have had to get back up to speed after the respite over the summer… “Robin,” asks the parent, “what did you learn at school this week?”, “Not enough – they say I have to go back next week.”

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