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As the dawn of a new academic year sits on the horizon I find myself thinking about what lies ahead over the coming days, weeks, months and terms. The cycle of a school year is a fairly familiar thing and has permanent fixed markers along the way that measure the seasons and provide the security of much needed routine for staff, parents and children alike. However it is the ‘unknown’ that is most exciting; the feeling of being at the start of a new journey which has unlimited possibilities to explore and discover. As the ‘doors’ opened again this morning to welcome the children and their parents back to Pre-Prep, I am really looking forward to watching all of their journeys begin and develop and know when we reach the end of this academic year I will equally enjoy reflecting on where their journeys took them.

In assembly this morning we thought about how today was both an exciting and slightly nervous time owing to most things being so familiar and yet different all at the same time. For most children, who are continuing their journeys from last year, they know the environment very well but need to get used to their new teachers and their new classrooms. I compared it to their shiny new shoes and their old comfortable (if somewhat less shiny) shoes they wore last year. It can take a little while for our new shoes to ‘fit’ comfortably but once they do they will be just as comfortable as the ones we used to wear.

I hope everyone in our Pre-Prep family finds their ‘comfortable’ fit as soon as possible and that every journey has some exciting signposts, detours and adventures to celebrate, learn from and enjoy as we embark on another exciting year!

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