Weekly Boarding Offer

Weekly Boarding Option at King’s Hall

King’s Hall School is delighted to offer an exciting initiative to make boarding (up to 5 nights a week) more accessible to all.

The essence of the offer is that children can board for up to 5 nights a week (excluding Saturday) for £600 per term which equates to less than £60 per week* over the year, which compared to the cost of a single night’s boarding is a fantastic offer.

Practically, all that needs to be done is for parents to opt into this package before term starts which, as mentioned above, equates to less than £60 a week over the year, with each night representing a very significant saving on the one-night boarding fee. In even more practical terms this offer equates to far less than the cost of an evening’s babysitting and the children are likely to have more fun! Just considering the money you spend on fuel (let alone the time) on the school run, this makes a lot of sense but there are, of course, many other far more profound benefits to boarding, so please do read on.

The benefits to the children are pretty obvious: on a daily basis these include fun, friendship, no early morning wake up calls to get to school on time, great meals and some exciting activities when they would otherwise be in a traffic jam on the return journey at the end of the day. The deeper benefits include a nurturing environment that allows them to grow in independence; encourages personal responsibility; develops their emotional intelligence and understanding of group dynamics and embeds through experience how we are stronger together.

Parents, too, will gain on more than one level and this new option offers parents simplicity, practical convenience and the chance to maintain a much-needed balance in fast-paced lives. The school run has already been mentioned and there are also the meals you don't have to prepare, the battles you don't have to have over homework and the laundry you don’t have to do, all with the reassurance that your child is being exceptionally well looked after and having great fun!

The quality of both the boarding experience to be had as well as the homely physical provision here at King's Hall has recently been endorsed by the ISI. In addition, there are the many benefits boarding can add to the personal development of the children here. Whilst boarding is not for everyone for a variety of reasons, boarding is a real strength of King’s Hall from which everyone benefits. Our levels of pastoral care, medical provision, extra-curricular activities, tutoring and deep sense of being part of a family all stem from our historical and current core boarding provision. Under the current Houseparents, Clare and Mickey Masters, there is a terrific atmosphere to enjoy and the testimonials of parents and children who board are natural and genuinely heartfelt.

Children do not have to board for all 5 nights, but booking in advance is necessary. Breakfast, supper and reasonable laundry for the times your child is in the Boarding House are included and there are, of course, also the fun evening activities that the boarders get up to on weekdays.

If you would like your child to benefit from this arrangement then do let the Houseparents know by emailing Houseparents@kingshalltaunton.co.uk. Equally, if there is anything further you wish to know about this exciting new boarding option then don’t hesitate to contact either them or Admissions team on 01823 285928, to discuss matters further.

* Day fee and lunch not included. Please click here for King's Hall School's fees

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