Weekly and Flexi

‘Weekly & Flexi’ Boarding

Here at King’s Hall, we understand that all children develop at a different rate, and that many of our families have different needs throughout the school year. For these, and many more, reasons we offer weekly and flexi-boarding. Both of these options enable many families to balance the work week and school life with family time at the weekends. Weekly and flexi-boarding is also used by many to prepare younger children for full boarding at senior school.

Weekly Boarding

Weekly boarding consists of children staying in the Boarding House for four or five nights, with Saturday and Sunday night spent away from school. Children can then return to school to begin the school week on Monday morning. As with all of our boarders, children benefit from being able to stay in their beds until 7.00 am and then have a wonderful breakfast supplied by our excellent catering team.


Children can board regularly on two or three nights a week with flexi-boarding. This can be especially useful for children participating in after school matches or hobbies. This can also be useful for parents who might have regular weekly engagements, but don’t feel the need of weekly or full boarding.

Casual boarding is also always available; our boarding staff are just a phone call away. We encourage parents and children to give boarding a go, year group nights are offered twice a term to enable children to board with friends. This is especially good fun, as well as great for first-time boarders.

Weekly Boarding offer

We now have an irresistible weekly boarding offer available, please click here for more information

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