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The weather – it is known as a bastion of British conversational culture but it has certainly hit global chat levels in recent weeks. Here we have had some of the heaviest showers with children getting soaked in milliseconds just before lunch interspersed by some of the sunniest patches of the summer with children saying they’re too hot to work and then we’ve also been blown around by some fairly stiff breezes making a mess of the lawns. There is no doubt, however, that we have no cause for complaint when witnessing the devastation wreaked by the likes of floods, hurricanes and mudslides around the world. One can hardly imagine what it is like to be coping in the aftermath of some of these extreme events.

Let’s hope for a fair weather day for the Autumn Fayre in a couple of weeks’ time and I imagine you are all giving some thought as to how you might help. Those of you lucky enough to hear Curtis Jobling speak and watch him draw at our Prize Day will be keen to bid in the Silent Auction for the sketches he created in front of our eyes that day. There is always scope for more Silent Auction offers and so do let either the School Office or Emily White know –

I cannot promise a child quote every week but I’m about to make it two from two this year. You may have noticed that all employees of the school are now sporting ID cards and one child asked: “How come all the staff have photos of them when they were much younger?”. Observant young lady!

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