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I have heard many variations of The Lord’s Prayer uttered from the mouths of our youngest children, which are usually a concoction of mumblings with the odd, clearly articulated word, such as ‘heaven’, ‘name’ and ‘bread’ strung together. However, I firmly believe it is fitting that we collectively say this prayer at our Merit assembly every Friday, where it is lovely to hear the children become more confident and accurate with each year they grow. In a past blog I have written about the child who recited, ‘Our Father, Who does art in heaven’, which had always been my favourite until last Friday.

As part of a Year 1 Religious Studies lesson, in which we were writing our own prayers to be placed inside a Mezuzah, one child diligently scribed his version of said prayer. Upon completion he very proudly brought it to me and delighted in reading it aloud:

Our Father, who are in heaven

Hello to be my name

Vikings will come

Life will be done

On earth ‘dziz’ in heaven

I believe this to be brilliant for so many reasons, not only that life probably will be done should the Vikings come, but also this perfectly captures the innocence of the young mind – which does not question that this is a perfectly legitimate prayer one uses to speak to God. It definitely brightened my day and has kept me grinning ever since!

(He had unfortunately run out of paper space to continue the prayer but I would dearly love to know his translation for the second half!)

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