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A few weeks ago I posted a blog about introducing British Values to the children in the guise of characters. Yesterday, we met the last of the characters (Tolerant Turtle) and I am delighted to hear the children already adopting them into their everyday language. I am lucky to be able to do a fair bit of covert listening when in my office, especially to the Year 1 children whose cloakroom happens to be just outside! So far I have heard:

* children saying they needed to do a vote like Democracy Dog to decide which game should be played at playtimes

* children reminding each other about correct behaviour because otherwise “Lion Law won’t be happy’

* one child tell another it was his ‘liberty’ to play a different game because he wasn’t “upsetting Lion Law”

* one child reminding another to pick up another child’s fleece she had accidentally knocked on the ground because it would be “respectful”

I am now keeping a keen ear out for examples of children reminding each other to be ‘tolerant’. One can only hope that, with repeated reminders of these characters and highlighting real-life examples of them, the children will lay solid foundations for their future lives.

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