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Yesterday morning we were gathered in the Arts Centre for Chapel with the School Banner standing proudly at the back, the cross and candles gently put in place by sedately moving children, Father Mark leading us calmly through his thoughts, making sure we did some 7:11 breathing and generally the tranquil oasis of a gathering at peace pervaded as it does every Thursday morning.

On the periphery of this scene, you could see some of the accoutrements required for the production of School of Rock. Just in front of the choir (in their smart ecclesiastical robes) were three electric guitars standing patiently at attention, just to the north of Mr DJ was a tower of audio equipment with blinking lights and slides (one could almost sense the throbbing hum within), in front of the staff on the left was a footlight spot, off but furtively peeking around the corner, and lurking in the wings were signs of staging panels sitting quietly at rest but eager to be allowed out.

In the same space yesterday night (and will be again this evening) a whole world of raucous rock was unleashed as Year 8 gave a rip-roaring performance full of energy, pace and appropriate boisterousness far removed from the mood of a few hours previously. The children were so enthused by their combined efforts – and their energy breathed life into those inert objects mentioned above that were finally let off the leash to fulfil their purpose.

Talk about a game (or in this case a room!) of two halves…

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