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Our ‘Very Big Important Meeting’ took place yesterday and our charity was decided; we will be supporting Save the Children by getting involved with Den Day on Friday 17 June. The decision was fairly unanimous with Race for Life being the second most popular choice.

Whilst I was not too surprised that the children have chosen to have fun making dens, I was amazed at the level of maturity and reasoning they shared during the course of our meeting. As expected, many of them had based their decision on the activity they would most enjoy as they are yet unable to ‘step outside’ of their own experiences to consider the needs of others beyond the realm of their everyday lives. However, despite the oldest members of the meeting being only seven years old, there were some wonderful examples of such empathy from some of the children. I was particularly impressed by two contributions:

“I think we should support Race for Life as the money can be used for research … if enough money is raised and lots of research is done we won’t need to ‘race for life’ anymore.”

“I think we should support Save the Children … we are really lucky children because we have homes, food to eat, warm clothes and mummies and daddies … some children don’t have any of this … not even a mummy and daddy ... because it gets destroyed by floods or taken by fighting … I don’t know what that would be like but I do know it would be really horrible.”

I am so pleased we have decided to give our children their own ‘voice’ in making these decisions as what we are discovering about them as individuals is far beyond anything a test result could show and yet so vitally important for the futures that lie ahead of them.

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