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This morning I passed a mother of a family who have joined us from Australia: “This is more what we expect,” she said, “I wasn’t coping very well with all this sun in England!” Rain – something we haven’t seen too much of recently.

Working together for the greater good is something we value highly and I have seen plenty of collaborative efforts this week. On Monday afternoon, in lovely sunshine, I took a group of Year 5 and 6 girls over to a football tournament at King’s College. They had a whale of a time and Mr Heayns was his usual genial and enthusiastic (not to mention endlessly patient with excited girls!) self as they pulled together enjoying four games, winning three and being beaten 1-0 by a very good goal in the last game. Well done, girls, on a great afternoon!

Thursday saw our Harvest Festival and ‘Bright for Sight’ day which led to a wonderful mêlée of fun and philanthropy. The children are very good at entering into the spirit of these things: it is also, though, very important they understand why, for whom and what difference their combined generosity and consideration will make. On this occasion both the charities supported, Open Door and Somerset Sight, are local ones so many children and adults in our area will benefit from their donations. I did hear someone talking about “Mr Brightside” and they were disappointed The Killers were not coming to perform for us.

Today I was in a Drama lesson for Year 6 and there was much need for collaboration and compromise as they put together performances to reflect what goes into producing plays/dramas/films.

Continuing the theme of performances – but this one not collaborative, one child took it upon themselves to perform a famous song on the portico one evening this week. Whilst waiting for a delayed parent, I could hear (a really good) version of a 70s power ballad by Eric Carmen – it was most apt and did bring a smile to my face.

Have a good weekend and, returning to collaborative efforts, I look forward to seeing you later on if you are joining us to enjoy the combined efforts of the Friends of King’s Hall for the Thai evening.

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