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The Importance of Problem-Solving

Talented all-rounder Grace Fielder has had a busy start to 2019, achieving a number of personal bests at competitio… - 12 hours ago

Over the past two weeks Year 6 have been studying data handling and getting to grips with the process of tabulating and illustrating raw data. As part of this exercise, they spent time in the school car park collecting data on the different colours of cars.

Whilst it was no surprise to find that grey/silver was the most popular colour (or mode), everyone was surprised to find that there are, on average, over 50 cars parked at the school on a daily basis.

Year 3 have also been working hard this week, examining 3D shapes and sorting them using Venn diagrams to increase their understanding of the different properties of each shape.

Commenting on Year 3’s work, Head of Maths, Mr Morgan, said: “Not only was this lots of fun, but the children’s thinking skills were extended by asking which shape might not fit into either the hoop or the overlap. As a further extension, the criteria were changed before the pupils tried to place them again.”

Meanwhile, the current topic for Year 8 pupils, both at Scholarship and Common Entrance, is algebra. Whilst some time has been spent revisiting the methods and techniques taught in Year 7, the children are learning to appreciate algebra’s wider usefulness within mathematics and how it can help to solve problems in other areas, such as geometry.

Here’s a problem to get you thinking: three consecutive odd numbers add up to 51; form and solve an equation to find out what they are.

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