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With the General Election looming later this week we are hosting our very own Playtime Election in Pre-Prep to deepen the children’s understanding of the democratic process in our country. In assembly this morning the Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 class teachers all delivered their manifesto of promises which detailed their pledge for how, if elected, they will improve playtimes next week. The children were then issued a polling card and have a lot of thinking to do ahead of casting their vote in the polling station on Thursday morning. Will they choose extended playtimes from The Longer Playtime (LP) party? The promise of playing in different locations from The Play Everywhere party? The promise of music being played from The ‘Party’ party? The promise of Girl Power playtimes from The GP party? Or the promise of sweet goodies from The Sweetie Treaty party?

I predict there will definitely be a lot of chat as they discuss the pros and cons of each manifesto. Will they be swayed by their friends’ choices? Will the candidates try to sway opinion? These final few days could see some interesting last-minute campaigning take place so I am glad our Values characters are keeping an eye on proceedings!

Democracy Dog will be checking everyone has a chance to vote.

Lion Law will be making sure there is no foul play amongst the candidates!

Liberty Leopard will remind us we are all free to make our own choice!

Respect Rhino will remind us we have to respect the final decision!

Tolerant Turtle will remind us our friends may have different ideas to us and that that is ok!

Who will win the coveted role of Pre-Prep Playtime Prime Minister? Votes will be counted on Thursday afternoon and the result will be revealed in assembly on Friday morning.

It’s going to be an exciting week!

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