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Okay – a little window in my day to record a few thoughts from this week. Everything is wonderfully busy given that half term was later this year leaving us a tight squeeze for the second half and there are many tremendous things going on: much will be represented in the weekly Newsletter and I could pick on many topics, but here are a few that cross my mind at the moment.

Starting at the end of this week, I was thrilled and very proud to give the Year 8 Common Entrance candidates their results this morning. Not only has everyone passed but, they all did so with ‘flying colours’ as there are many very good grades amongst them. In every subject the average level is higher than last year: huge congratulations to the children and well done to the staff who have guided them in the correct direction over the years. Quite rightly they are walking a little taller and feeling duly contented with their achievements at the moment as this is a significant step at their age: it should also be seen as a beginning, too, with much to be achieved in the future!

In the last seven days we have had several teachers with us who will be on the staff of King’s College Doha to help them get a hands on feel and understanding of life here. They were an impressive bunch full of enthusiasm, knowledge and excitement who spent a good deal of time with children as well as staff from whom they gleaned as much insight as they could. On the same theme, next week we have a visit from a couple who will be at King’s College India as that also progresses towards it’s opening. In time, we will be sure to draw on the collective benefits our family of schools will provide all connected with King’s.

As well as the regular School Council (Governors) meetings that take place each term we have enjoyed their fixed annual visit to join in with lessons recently. They are not only a body with a great deal of collective wisdom who are genuinely concerned with the ongoing success and development of the school but, as on this and other occasions, they are more than willing to get under the skin of the school to better understand the reason we are here in the first place. Amongst many others they witnessed a live online Chinese lesson with Year 5, talked to 8S about their projects, got muddy up in the woods with Pre-Prep, several had PSHE lessons and one was particularly relieved to learn they didn’t need to have brought their vest and shorts for their PE lesson with Year 6! We are very grateful to them for not only the work they do unseen but for taking the time across the year to come and gain first-hand experience through the eyes of a child.

My least favourite moment of the week was finding a few plastic bags loitering on the portico on Wednesday. They belonged to Year 8 children who had returned from Okehampton on Monday. One was no problem in that it had folded, clean, unworn clothes in it (which makes you wonder what the owner had actually worn for the four days!), another was full of damp stuff but luckily the bag had been open and so was bearable. However, the third had a big knot in it and was truly, gut-wrenchingly awful when it was opened. When I discovered the owner, they were blissfully unaware that they were even missing it!

A short breather over this weekend before we dive into Arts Week which will be closely followed by the events of the last week of term.

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