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This week, behind the scenes, we have spent a little time on the very important matters of regulatory compliance, safeguarding and ensuring that our house is in order: it is pretty dry, black and white stuff but, of course, necessary so please do forgive me for relating a couple of more frivolous anecdotes to act as antidotes. It is good to have moments that are anything but dry and full of vibrant colour, imagination and personality.

We take our responsibility as a ‘preparatory’ school very seriously. The management of youthful dreams, however, is a finer art and a little challenging on occasion. It is important to aim high, to want to be your best self and to have aspirations; yet temperance is occasionally gently required to smooth the transfer from dreams to reality. Here’s one: I happened to be close to an apple-bobbing game yesterday and one child was face down, deep into the water for some time. When they came up, they said “It’s hard, I can’t breathe”. Another child, the cause of my angst, followed this with “It is hard – I can’t even do it and I really want to be a mermaid!”. I think we might have to reconsider our curriculum allocations…..

Another ‘exuberance of youth’ moment is in the mornings when the youngest travellers on our bus service burst through the front doors filling the Pemberton Room with a bounce and a giggle, together with a tale or three of their evening before or breakfast or what Daddy did that was sooo funny. The best, though, is when one regular (a 4 year old) walks in and often announces in a meltingly happy tone full of eagerness for the day ahead that “We’re here!”.

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