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I thought it would be interesting to ask our new boarders of this term to write how they have settled in and how they feel about being a boarder, good and bad. Having read what they had written I thought it would be lovely to share their views (unedited!) with you all so that you can get an insight of boarding from the children, rather than me! This week the views are from the older boarders in Year 8 and in a couple of weeks we will have views from the younger boarders.


I started boarding this term and as I was from a state school I had no experience of this what so ever. I board on a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes Fridays. Boarding is the main reason why I want to come to school. The breakfast is so nice and there is always new things to try. I would love to board on some of the weekends because they go to Crealy, the cinema and loads more. I was worried about coming to board because of what room I would be in, but there is no need to worry because everyone is so kind and helpful and you will fit in straight away. It is amazing sleeping in a room with other people because you always have something to talk about. The staff are so friendly and always there to help. If you’re worried about boarding don’t be, you might miss your family a bit but by the end they are like your family."


Hi my name is Nigel Hau, I am from Hong Kong, and I came to this amazing school this term 2016. When I arrived the teachers and Mr Chippendale were so kind to me and showed me around the school. At night when I was settling in Mr Stanley and Mr Dennerman were very helpful with the things I had to do, then I had a wonderful shower and slept on the comfortable bed. The next day my boarding friends, Adam, Justin and Kevin showed me around the school. The teachers showed and taught me what we were learning and helped me with the extra work so that really helped me to settle in. At last I think I am member of this school and it is because of all my classmates and teachers helping me. A teacher which is Mrs Masters for the first month I came she helped me a lot and didn’t blame me because of the lots of mistakes I made, each time she made me feel that I am a family of this boarding school."


I started boarding this year and it has been the best decision of my life. I started wanting to go to a boarding school after reading several books. As there aren’t any boarding schools in Korea I decided to come to England. During the holidays I was a mix of nerves and excitement. When I arrived I just didn’t know what to expect, would it be nice? The answer was yes. The staff are very friendly and comforting. During the weekends we do lots of things I never thought of doing. We went to Crealy for one weekend and although I have been to Crealy before, I had more fun on that trip than the other. Sometimes I have so much fun that I even forget to phone my parents!"


Boarding is a big change from home but it is an experience that you will never forget. It’s just like having a sleepover with your friends every day. We have boarders from all around the world and I am from Thailand. The best thing about boarding is when the teachers take us to fun places and do fun activities at the weekends such as Crealy Park, Airhop which is a big trampoline park. Personally I really enjoy boarding and it would be a great experience for you."


I started boarding this term not because I had to because I really wanted to try the experience and I have loved it SOOOOO much. It is really fun and the staff and pupil have lots of fun I the boarding house. I don’t board every day I am a flexi boarder boarding on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. I love boarding because I prefer to do my work at school as it is a better environment for me to work in. I also love Wednesdays because it’s so relaxing, you can go up to the senior boys and watch a film and also (very importantly) we have tuck on a Wednesday and its’s so good. I love how the dorms are not over crowded. Also the breakfast are amazing and we just have the best food, I love it so much, compared to home where I get a bowl of cereals, here we have full English, toast, cereals, yogurt, fruit juice and you can choose what you want. Boarding is very convenient because you don’t have to get into a car or bus to get home because you’re already where you need to be! Even though I don’t board at weekends I have been told by my friends that they are super fun because they do so many fun and different things. I would so recommend boarding it is such a great experience."

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