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I’m feeling a bit blurry eyed I write this, as last night was the night that all children and staff look forward to the most, ‘The Boarders’ Feast’. The dining room was decked with boughs of holly, lovely table decorations and beautifully made individual menus. The kitchens as ever did us proud and served up scrumptious homemade beef burgers (if you watch MasterChef you’ll know the sort I mean!) chunky chip stacks along with some fresh salsas and all followed by the ever popular, ice cream bar. While we sat back and finished licking out our bowls, Mr Chippendale invited a few more children and staff to be in his ‘Hall of Fame’ and fond farewells were said on behalf of our three amazing gap student James, Lucy and Alex as we wished them well on the journey that lies ahead of them. The night was finished with the staff performing the pantomime ‘Red Hot Cinders’ for the children and there is nothing better than hearing the Pemberton Room fill with hysterical laughter as Mr Webster sweeps down the stairs in a psychedelic dress and a red wig playing the part of the wicked Step Mum! Even Santa paid us a visit and delivered presents to each and every one. A magnificent evening to end a wonderful Year. Happy Christmas from us all.

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