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If planes, trains and automobiles have behaved themselves I should be back in Taunton by the time you read this: currently I am tapping away at Hammad International airport for a quick reflection on a very positive Middle Eastern trip.

For the first three days we were delving into school possibilities in the region and then for the second half of the week we have been supporting the team at King’s College Doha. My first impression was how far they have progressed in the change from one year to the next – it doesn’t feel like a start-up school at all. For three days we have been in classes, break times, assemblies (a little more of that later!) and Friends of KCD coffee mornings; we have given brief presentations, spoken to many parents, talked with nearly all the staff and plenty of children, all of which has given us a terrific sense of the shared intent that has created an established and vibrant school in such a short space of time.

There is much to read about in the Newsletter of matters at King’s Hall so I will end with my assembly comment from above: there was a themed ‘Wear it Wild’ assembly at KCD and everyone wore an animal costume. Nick Gunn, the Head, had so graciously organised a costume for me, too, to join with him ... evidence of Nick in costume below.

I do hope that you all enjoy a restful half term and have the opportunity to relax a little and recharge for one of the more tradition-filled sessions of the year ahead.

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