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England, spring into summer: as a nation fixated with our weather this is a time when the percentage of conversations devoted to meteorological implications and hopes for the impending ‘hottest’ season of the year must be at one of its peaks! Rain today but we have had a steady start with the sunshine and fingers crossed for the months ahead.

More than a steady start has been made by everyone here including those joining us for the first time – it is good to have you on board – and all seem to be finding their feet rapidly as routines get underway. Trips have already happened, there have been sports fixtures and a few visitors to school meaning there is plenty for the weekly Newsletter. I hope, like me, you are excited about the events ahead which promise a feast of endeavour, activity, challenge and enjoyment to be gorged on during the term.

It is a funny thing that, whilst everything else tends to accelerate straight to top gear, the first few days of term as Headmaster are often the quietest and whilst I have been very busy in a multitude of ways (honestly!) there isn’t a great deal for me to add.

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