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What a beautiful weekend, definitely one to involve as much water and inflatables as possible! It has been like a holiday with BBQs, ice creams, lounging by the pool (the staff!) and copious amounts of sun cream and bubble bath! The children have loved it as much as the staff. Slip and slide, always one of the most popular activities, is when the staff set up as many tarpaulins as possible down the slope of the front field, cover them in cherry-scented bubble bath and turn on the hose. Two hours of fun and laughter had by us all. Even the Year 8s were topping up their tan ready to look their best for the Year 8 ball. After a picnic in the shade and a bit of down time, we went on to spend the afternoon in the pool, squeezing in countless inflatables, water pistols, skim balls and 28 children all playing beautifully together. Perfect weather and a perfect weekend – we must be the envy of all day children …

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