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Senior Prep

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Growing Confidence

Growing Confidence

Children stay at King’s Hall until Year 8, when they move either to King’s College or another senior school of their choice.

Moving into the world of 16 to 18 year olds can be extremely daunting for children at 11. Staying with us until the age of 13 allows children to continue their natural development and growing confidence in an age appropriate environment, without the peer pressure associated with the teenage years.

Our senior pupils are free to embrace the many opportunities to learn, aspire and achieve with enthusiasm and growing confidence.

Increasing Responsibility

Increasing Responsibility

Being at the top of the school also brings increased responsibility. At King’s Hall, we don’t have prefects, but expect all our senior pupils to lead by example and by their commitment to the school and the wider community. As heads of houses, games captains or librarians; from running the Pupil Council to being a Pelican Pal; assisting staff or showing visitors around, the opportunities are endless.

Without exception, our seniors rise to the many challenges we offer them to realise their potential; academically, socially and morally. Younger pupils have plenty of positive role models to inspire them and seniors benefit from having the time and space to mature so that at the end of Year 8 they really are ready to move on.

Developing Skills

Developing Skills

During Years 7 and 8, children become increasingly focused as they prepare for Common Entrance or scholarship exams. There are scholarship opportunities for 11+ candidates in Music and Sport as well as Academic. From 13+, pupils can also choose to pursue scholarships in Art, Drama and Design Technology. All are rigorous processes which require hard work and commitment.

Children acquire important study skills and an excellent work ethic, which is invariably demonstrated through their energetic approach to learning. We aim to inspire them all to give their best and celebrate their individual achievements, whatever they may be.

Every year, an impressive number of our senior pupils win Scholarships to their chosen senior schools. Many move on to our partner senior school, King's College, Taunton.

Many pupils choose to join us at age 11 specifically to benefit from our staged approach across King’s Hall and King’s College.

Joining King's at Age 11 King's College, Taunton

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